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Some may think that electric vehicles (EVs) are just for the elite few. But lower costs, a variety of models, and longer vehicle ranges make EVs fit just about any lifestyle. Whether you need space for your twins' car seats or plan to drive cross country to visit grandma in the summer, there's an electric car for you.

Owning a car is about knowing that it can get you where you need to go. Most electric vehicles can drive over 100 miles on a single charge—with many exceeding 200 to 300 miles. Since the average person drives only 37 miles per day, the range of most EVs works just fine. So, if you think EVs can't stand up to your work commute or getting Jenny and Johnny to their activities, think again.

When you think of electric vehicles, you may think of tiny, glorified golf carts. But today, most EVs look just like normal cars. Healey is proud to offer many EV models on the market —SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and luxury vehicles—it's easy to find one that's right for you.

When it comes to shopping for electric vehicles, you don't need to brace yourself for sticker shock anymore. On average, driving an EV costs about half as much as a gas-powered car in terms of fuel prices (based on average gas prices and maintenance costs). EVs, a lot of the time, also require less maintenance than gas cars. Plus, federal, state, and local tax breaks; HOV access; and insurance incentives make the overall cost of owning an EV just like any other car.

Just like you would with any car, you'll want to test drive your electric vehicle before you buy. If you call us to schedule an appointment, we'll make sure the EV you're interested in is charged up and ready for you. Ask to talk to our EV experts on staff so you can get all your questions answered—such as:

  • Is scheduled maintenance required?
  • What's the range?
  • Roughly how long should it take to charge?
  • What is my vehicle's maximum power in kW that it can charge at?
  • What standard does my vehicle charge with: CCS, CHAdeMO, Tesla, and/or L2?
  • What are my state's EV tax incentives?

Instant torque. A silent electric motor. Yeah, driving an EV isn't quite so normal—it's better. Their low center of gravity makes for extra-smooth handling, and the instant acceleration at just a tap of your foot means no more hesitation or jerky gear shifting.

Charging an electric vehicle is kind of like charging your phone. With a home charger, you just plug in your EV overnight and wake up to a full charge in the morning.

For times when you need to charge away from home, public fast charging stations are located across the country. More and more vehicles and chargers are coming to market and can recharge faster than ever. Depending on your vehicle, and the power of the charger, some EVs can charge in as little as 30 minutes. So, stop worrying about your next road trip with an EV!

Compared to a gas-powered car, electric vehicles generally need less scheduled maintenance. Most EVs only require the most basic upkeep. Maintaining your EV battery shouldn't be difficult either. Here are some tips to help keep it running smoothly:

  • Don't leave your battery charging after it reaches 100% full.
  • Try to avoid letting your battery get too close to empty.
  • Preserve range by avoiding sudden braking and acceleration.
The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here.
It's powerful. It’s silent. It's a smooth ride. It has high-end safety features with driver assist. It has more torque and the latest automotive technology. Plus, you can go further, with more EV range. So, you don’t have to worry about taking the scenic route, and you can enjoy every moment of the ride. You'll be able to locate charging stations with the built-in navigation, and your vehicle can stay powered with affordable home charging kits, that may be eligible for special rebates.
At Healey Brothers, we’ve been leading the way with exceptional service and innovation for nearly half a century. And now, we’re powering the future of EV. We’re locally owned, with more than 500 regional employees you can count on and trust for expert advice and service. We’ll make sure you get the right EV for the journey ahead.
Power your journey. Power your spirit. Power your life with an EV from Healey.